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Registered dietitian with prenatal and early childhood experience primarily. More recently have been writing online & creating websites.

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People who grew up with narcissistic abuse may also be in narcissistic relationships with a bad boss - other people would leave the job, or in other areas of their lives. Narcissists are narcissists in all of their environments but may only show the charming side to most people and only a few - the few likely to be vulnerable for a little positive attention now and then - because they already were devalued as a child - & think they deserve it.

Seeking out authoritarian political leaders may also be more likely if someone had controlling parents.

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Why would someone put up with narcissistic abuse? Possibly because one of the parents, caregivers or other person in their life was a narcissist, or may have had alcoholism or other personalality problems that were similarly self focused.

Why would someone put up with ongoing abuse? because they think it is a normal part of a loving relationship - that's just what families do.

Turns out that many families don't do that. Oh.

good to know.

Why Do Children of Narcissistic Families Tend to Have Narcissistic Partners?

Why Do Children of Narcissistic Families Tend to Have Narcissistic Partners? - YouTube

In this video I'll explain why it’s common for adult kids of narcissists to have narcissistic partners. You’ll finally understand why it’s so important to fa...

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Gaslighting refers to manipulation causing a victim to start questioning what is real or whether they are going crazy.

Post of my own with tips from someone else that I added a few descriptors to from my experiences: Peace is recognizing gas-lighting techniques.

Gaslighting | The Narcissist's Favorite Tool of Manipulation
Inner Integration

Gaslighting | The Narcissist's Favorite Tool of Manipulation - YouTube

This video is about the manipulation tactic called gaslighting. I will explain what it is, why narcissists and other manipulators use it, what some common ga...

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Healing from that sort of gaslighting/narcissistic abuse treatment is difficult, let alone from trauma, I haven't really had adequate therapy to help me, some though.
She refers to her work on Inner Integration for helping to recover your own identity and values, and strengthen them and your boundaries.

These types of concepts don't really get discussed by society/parents, but the training and social mannerisms are expected - personal boundaries - what are those?

Did this happen to you? It's Called Narcissistic Abuse

Did this happen to you? It's Called Narcissistic Abuse - YouTube

This is called narcissistic abuse, a form of emotional or psychological abuse (that often involves financial, sexual, spiritual and physical abuse too) at th...

This video is by a trauma re-integration Youtuber and it is about the cult like effect the media manipulation/government/whatever has had on so many people. I am an early childhood trauma survivor too and agree with her that people who experienced narcissistic abuse - being around a severe narcissist - have recognized the abuse like gaslighting and reward / punishment cycles.

Awakening From the Matrix, by Youtube channel, Inner Integration

Awakening From the Matrix - YouTube

Do you feel like something is OFF about what's going on in the world? This video connects the dots between the patterns on a micro level (interpersonal and f...

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More nutrient info that might help covid is on my blogsite or more concise webpages with links to more info on and has health info and family/relationships and community, international relations - peace, and environoment is more environmental focused and ocean health.


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Protecting the mitochondria is important. First stage before prion disease or cancer is mitochondrial dysfunction & that is generally due to nutrient deficiencies. The Citric Acid Cycle used by the mitochondria to metabolize glucose with oxygen needs a lot of nutrients - visual graphic and list in this post:

Niacin may help prevent or treat migraines.

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I have nutrition ideas/foods & nutrients that might be protective, help the body to remove cellular debris. It is also important to not overeat, especially carbohydrates. The body can't remove cellular debris for reuse when it is busy using and storing excess calories.

Shedding of the spike protein – a communicable prion disease risk?

Snake venom toxin in the spike protein?

Brief interview with Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier - he is very concerned about the mRNA injections & risk of prion like disease and mentions epigenetic changes can occur from glyphosate. Experimenting on children is gambling with our future.

Click through for the video with subtitles:

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optimism is contagious, so your work is recognized! The general pulse of late shows plenty of free thinkers starving for solidarity and structure to a new paradigm of thought- an identity many are struggling to fit into a box. Intuition alone can feel like chasing one's own tail, so please continue to share whatever angle you are able to. All of us.

Circulating SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Antigen Detected in the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients

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@Logansrunnnnnnnnn Mr. Logan posted a link to this video on Twitter earlier today. Here is the video if you want to watch or download

Is#covid a kind of weaponization or is this new cold-war-esq-propaganda?

It is definitely worth a consideration?

What do you think?

This will be the continuation of the thread titled "Consciousness and the Brain".. Over the past century, many groundbreaking discoveries have led to Scientific Paradigm shifts in the understanding of the world.. Einsteins "Theory of Relativity" revealed how time and space are the same fabric, while Neil Bohr's research, helped people to understand the building blocks of matter, thru Quantum Physics, a realm that only exists as an abstract physical description.. Afterwards, Louis De Broy discovered that all matter, and not just photons and electrons, have a quantized wave particle duality.cont

2018 - Center for Health Security report highlights 15 emerging technologies with potential to reduce global catastrophic biological risks.
pdf to download
#biotech#vaccines includes self spreading by pheromone vaccines for wild animal control.

The pdf in my own Dropbox link:

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Btw, I am concerned that sites like Rumble, BitChute and Odyssey do not make it easy to download videos or content. As a developer, this concerns me.

With, if you find a video or image you want to save just right click on it and click save as

just like the good ole days.

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Here is a rare gem of an aged Mullins from my personal archive.

You are quite right. It is very hard to locate his interviews.

Mullins was a prophet declaring the very coruption at the root of modern allopathic medicine.

Download and save so that you have it too.#MurderByInjection#EusticeMullins#covid-19#vaccines