Abigail Baxter
1 year ago

Abigail Baxter


Wide awake and waiting for the truth revolution.

When it comes to covid and vaccines, there is only one truth. Either the awakened are right in their theory that it is all an agenda to greatly reduce the world's population and we will see many deaths from the vaccination, or the sheep are correct and covid really is a deadly mutating virus which will kill all of the unvaccinated. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Pick your side and stick with it. Don't flip flop, honour and obey your own gut instinct, that is your basic survival mechanism. One day we will all die. When my turn is up i hope i will never have allowed the cabal to hoodwink me into ta

In response William Logan to his Publication

I was going to suggest that everyone recognizes that they're under Universal Common Law.. Do whatever you want as long as what your doing, including all those involved, DO NOT interfere with anyone else.. That statement would cover just about everything in the category of common sense...

if any of you are interested, theres a great you tube video exposing all thats hapoening. its all about satanism hiding behind freemasonry. its very ling, more than 5 hours, but worth watching in parts. check out Will R. Jova. he won Australian x factor.