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Founder of whiterabbits.info site. info-warrior, artist.. Watching the naked emperors falling, but they do not fall fast enough!

In 1957 There Was Another Pandemic. Don't Worry They Created The VAX Before There Was An Outbreak. CV19 is just a modern feature rich version of this kind of hysteria.

I'd like to welcome all new members.. I'll get the conversations ramped up here very soon.. In the works are applications that will keep your conversations private, including "The Dome of Silence"... Don't forget, this platform is entirely Open Source, meaning you can design it to fit your needs

When it comes to covid and vaccines, there is only one truth. Either the awakened are right in their theory that it is all an agenda to greatly reduce the world's population and we will see many deaths from the vaccination, or the sheep are correct and covid really is a deadly mutating virus which will kill all of the unvaccinated. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Pick your side and stick with it. Don't flip flop, honour and obey your own gut instinct, that is your basic survival mechanism. One day we will all die. When my turn is up i hope i will never have allowed the cabal to hoodwink me into ta

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Pentagon Scientist Fear La Palma Catastrophe & ET's Plan for Humanity

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I have nutrition ideas/foods & nutrients that might be protective, help the body to remove cellular debris. It is also important to not overeat, especially carbohydrates. The body can't remove cellular debris for reuse when it is busy using and storing excess calories.

Shedding of the spike protein – a communicable prion disease risk?

Snake venom toxin in the spike protein?

Hi folks, I've been busy. Nice to be back. I did not find my signing in info , but here I am. Thanks for following, I will catch up following you back. here are some new creations:

@Logansrunnnnnnnnn Mr. Logan posted a link to this video on Twitter earlier today. Here is the video if you want to watch or download

Is#covid a kind of weaponization or is this new cold-war-esq-propaganda?

It is definitely worth a consideration?

What do you think?

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optimism is contagious, so your work is recognized! The general pulse of late shows plenty of free thinkers starving for solidarity and structure to a new paradigm of thought- an identity many are struggling to fit into a box. Intuition alone can feel like chasing one's own tail, so please continue to share whatever angle you are able to. All of us.

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Part 8 is covering Gates Foundation and vaccine injury history internationally. https://www.bitchute.com/video/7kfQxGRVL4wL/

Brief interview with Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier - he is very concerned about the mRNA injections & risk of prion like disease and mentions epigenetic changes can occur from glyphosate. Experimenting on children is gambling with our future.

Click through for the video with subtitles:

In the meantime, I encourage all with Mr. Logan's sentiment to post and share content and interact with each other, kindly.

Every interaction here slaps Jack and Zuck right in the face.

They can't profit from anything done here.

They can't mine your conversation here.

They can't unperson you here.

The way to fix the big-tech is for 10000 sites like this to come online.

Let's make big-tech small again and remind them that the power has always belonged to us.