In response Lynne0105 to her Publication

EXACTLY!!! Do you know that the word COVID spells backward in Ancient Hebrew as a person who is possessed. (Talking about gene-splicing, which is why with this jab the DNA will be spliced (among many things) to be able to leach alien or demonic genetics to Hue-man genes) There is a video on BitChute about the company who does this, and their logo symbolizes a tree-branch, hiding all this in plane site.

In response Abigail Baxter to her Publication

I don't think we need time to tell. The facts are clear. No one ever isolated SARSCov2. The code they are injecting in people was created from a computer program. Event 201 pandemic simulation occurred months before the supposed outbreak. Deaths are no higher than any other year. There is no novel virus. Period. They are injecting people with a biometric censor, hydrogel with nanobots and mRNA which is doing God knows what to the human genome. People will no longer be in God's image. Corrupt DNA.#markofthebeast

This pastor has some really good videos about the vaccine and why he believes it is the mark. He goes into the ingredients and how DNA is altered. Very informative.

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