In response Lady Feckinghull to her Publication

drinking a cab franc myself tonight- lovely.

I also brew my own wine.

Have two lovely wines I launched on the new moon coming back to earth soon. One a Cab from Chile is ready for clearing. Her sister, A chardonay from Australia needed to crest through the full moon. She'll be ready and I will take them both on the journey to clarity and truth.

Wine is what is left when the engineers, the demigods, the microbes are done. What remains is the essence, the wind, the spirit.

In response Lady Feckinghull to her Publication

I love this. It is absolute proof that history has been re-written more than once. What the average person knows about the extreme south and north is written by folks that obfuscate the truth. These artifacts may be fake or may be proof that history is much more of a mystery.

Don't fall for the "virus originated in a lab" narrative. It is a distraction. There is NO novel virus. Sars-Cov2 was not isolated nor proven to cause disease. {#id:21#}

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

Of course-

The plot must thicken to keep those believing in the fiction to continue in it.

Otherwise they get bored and start thinking about how to escape the maze.

This type of "research" is not for the truth seeker but to keep the confused trusting the news and forever trapped in their maze.

When it comes to covid and vaccines, there is only one truth. Either the awakened are right in their theory that it is all an agenda to greatly reduce the world's population and we will see many deaths from the vaccination, or the sheep are correct and covid really is a deadly mutating virus which will kill all of the unvaccinated. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Pick your side and stick with it. Don't flip flop, honour and obey your own gut instinct, that is your basic survival mechanism. One day we will all die. When my turn is up i hope i will never have allowed the cabal to hoodwink me into ta

I've been watching videos from people who share my belief -- that the vaccines are the mark of the beast. I'm sharing a good one where revelations are analyzed and applied to what's happening today. He has hundreds of videos, some go into detail about the vaccines and what they do. I hope you all have a great weekend. {#id:21#}#vaccines#Truth#revelations

Hi All just signed up to this . Hopefully people can discuss the truth of whats behind everything without been banned ❤️

Hi all, here to discover more truths, to fight against tyranny and censorship, and meet like minded people, peace and love 🙏

Do we honestly believe that most people are still 'asleep' or even accept truth in the madness surrounding us? I dont even think the late bloomers to this fabricated reality care about being wrong at this point.

The holdouts are mostly comprised of those accepting the comforts of ignorance, and those still experiencing collective shell shock. Its the latter of those two groups that I am most eager to embrace.

@Logansrunnnnnnnnn@starchilddddddddd Mr. William Logan published a tweet a few weeks ago about wanting to find a new way of doing things where honest people could get access to the truth and build a genuine community away from big-tech censorship. This new site is because of that vision.

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