This is what democrats were saying just last year, now they sing a different song.#vaccines#vaccinehesitancy started with them, not us.

In response Jason Castle to his Publication

Thank you Jason.. Due to the seriousness of the vaccine nitemare, and the newness of this site, I felt it better to post the bulk of my comments on Twitter to reach a larger audience.. That said, I noe realize the futility of my actions seeing as Twitter has noe locked me out of my accounts for posting videos about the dangers of the vaccines

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

Dr. Ryan Cole brief talk about the adverse results in animal research about mRNA injections - 100% death on exposure to the virus later on.
He states that 50% of healthcare workers are declining them - too little is known about the longterm risk.

Click through for the video

Brief interview with Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier - he is very concerned about the mRNA injections & risk of prion like disease and mentions epigenetic changes can occur from glyphosate. Experimenting on children is gambling with our future.

Click through for the video with subtitles:

Don't fall for the "virus originated in a lab" narrative. It is a distraction. There is NO novel virus. Sars-Cov2 was not isolated nor proven to cause disease. #markofthebeast

When it comes to covid and vaccines, there is only one truth. Either the awakened are right in their theory that it is all an agenda to greatly reduce the world's population and we will see many deaths from the vaccination, or the sheep are correct and covid really is a deadly mutating virus which will kill all of the unvaccinated. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Pick your side and stick with it. Don't flip flop, honour and obey your own gut instinct, that is your basic survival mechanism. One day we will all die. When my turn is up i hope i will never have allowed the cabal to hoodwink me into ta

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They raked it in pretty good with the Pandemic and all.. Making a fortune off the lockdowns and vaccines.. People have no idea what an actual scam it all is.. American Stuffed Shirts felt it necessary to increase that amount up to 4.5 Billion Dollars.. That doesn't include all the additional revenues coming in from various locations.. The Zionist web is deep and complex They spend a lot of time now trying to blend back into the shadows All the old farts that said their dying testimonies, exposing all of the Dark Side.. Watch, just like they say, "History Repeating Itself"...cont...

In response Jason Castle to his Publication

I'm starting to notice more pharma commercials for ailments like tremors and loss of muscle control, use of hands, etc. I suspect they are "creating" solutions to the vaccine side effects. I still can't believe how many have lined up to take the them.#vaccines#vaccinesideeffects#covid

I've been watching videos from people who share my belief -- that the vaccines are the mark of the beast. I'm sharing a good one where revelations are analyzed and applied to what's happening today. He has hundreds of videos, some go into detail about the vaccines and what they do. I hope you all have a great weekend.#markofthebeast#vaccines#Truth#revelations

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Yep, and I'll add that the vaccines are mark of the beast.

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

2018 report about new research - includes pheromone self-spreading vaccines proposed for wild animal control.

the pdf in my Dropbox:
the site:

The self spreading pheromone idea seems like similar gene therapy to promote a protein that is secreted & can lead to other animals also producing the spreadable pheromone protein. - roughly

2018 - Center for Health Security report highlights 15 emerging technologies with potential to reduce global catastrophic biological risks.
pdf to download
#biotech#vaccines includes self spreading by pheromone vaccines for wild animal control.

The pdf in my own Dropbox link:

Well I finally caved in to my wife's desire for HER to get COVID vaccinated. Ever since her mother (my mother-in-law) got the Phizer vaccine my wife has been harassing me about it. Yes I did my best to explain why it was a bad idea, but she has all of the brain power of a chipmunk, and everything I said went over her head. In one ear and out the other. Why? Nothing in the middle to stop it. So I finally in the middle of an argument about it I said "IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD GO AHEAD AND GET IT!!!!". After 32 years of dragging that ball and chain I will finally be able to say goodbye.

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