Well I finally caved in to my wife's desire for HER to get COVID vaccinated. Ever since her mother (my mother-in-law) got the Phizer vaccine my wife has been harassing me about it. Yes I did my best to explain why it was a bad idea, but she has all of the brain power of a chipmunk, and everything I said went over her head. In one ear and out the other. Why? Nothing in the middle to stop it. So I finally in the middle of an argument about it I said "IF YOU WANT IT SO BAD GO AHEAD AND GET IT!!!!". After 32 years of dragging that ball and chain I will finally be able to say goodbye.

I'm sorry to hear that. I truly believe there's a spell on many, many people. It does not make sense. I tell my 20 yo son at least once a week not to succumb to any pressures to get it. He said he won't but so have many people.

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EXACTLY!!! Do you know that the word COVID spells backward in Ancient Hebrew as a person who is possessed. (Talking about gene-splicing, which is why with this jab the DNA will be spliced (among many things) to be able to leach alien or demonic genetics to Hue-man genes) There is a video on BitChute about the company who does this, and their logo symbolizes a tree-branch, hiding all this in plane site.