When it comes to covid and vaccines, there is only one truth. Either the awakened are right in their theory that it is all an agenda to greatly reduce the world's population and we will see many deaths from the vaccination, or the sheep are correct and covid really is a deadly mutating virus which will kill all of the unvaccinated. ONLY TIME WILL TELL! Pick your side and stick with it. Don't flip flop, honour and obey your own gut instinct, that is your basic survival mechanism. One day we will all die. When my turn is up i hope i will never have allowed the cabal to hoodwink me into ta

I don't think we need time to tell. The facts are clear. No one ever isolated SARSCov2. The code they are injecting in people was created from a computer program. Event 201 pandemic simulation occurred months before the supposed outbreak. Deaths are no higher than any other year. There is no novel virus. Period. They are injecting people with a biometric censor, hydrogel with nanobots and mRNA which is doing God knows what to the human genome. People will no longer be in God's image. Corrupt DNA.#markofthebeast

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