@Logansrunnnnnnnnn Mr. Logan posted a link to this video on Twitter earlier today. Here is the video if you want to watch or download

Is#covid a kind of weaponization or is this new cold-war-esq-propaganda?

It is definitely worth a consideration?

What do you think?

In response Jason Castle to his Publication

The spike protein itself may be the bioweapon, being delivered via fear of pandemic in the vaccine too - the science suggests it is causing epigenetic and molecular changes that accelerate aging & risk of the blood clots. Low vitamin D is the big risk factor along with other nutrients because it protects against the autoimmune antibodies causing LongCovid/more severe Covid19.

Darpa hydrogel may also be a bioweapon - magnetic field attracted nanoparticle antennae. See my post with link to a Slovakian report.

In response Jason Castle to his Publication

Of course-

The plot must thicken to keep those believing in the fiction to continue in it.

Otherwise they get bored and start thinking about how to escape the maze.

This type of "research" is not for the truth seeker but to keep the confused trusting the news and forever trapped in their maze.

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

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In response Jason Castle to his Publication

No, that is more abbout what isn't being talked about by mainstream- the spike protein itself has risks, so why was it chosen?

- that link more specifically is about cellular T-cell immunity not being activated well with the spike - my wording may be inaccurate. Cellular immunity may be negatively effected by the spike is summary point. Antibodies don't fight virus as much as T-cells do. Virus are small and T-cells engulf them whole.

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

Right-- so

My response is based on the fact that I maintain that germ theory and its pathogenic model of disease is at best misguided and at worst psuedoscience for profit.

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