Brief interview with Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier - he is very concerned about the mRNA injections & risk of prion like disease and mentions epigenetic changes can occur from glyphosate. Experimenting on children is gambling with our future.

Click through for the video with subtitles:

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

🙂Unfortunately they are not gambling. They know exactly what they are doing.

I have nutrition ideas/foods & nutrients that might be protective, help the body to remove cellular debris. It is also important to not overeat, especially carbohydrates. The body can't remove cellular debris for reuse when it is busy using and storing excess calories.

Shedding of the spike protein – a communicable prion disease risk?

Snake venom toxin in the spike protein?

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In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

Thank You. I am creating a page on my site's blog about different remedies, and healing methods 4 the jab, if there is any. I would like to add these links as well, if you are OK with it.

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

Protecting the mitochondria is important. First stage before prion disease or cancer is mitochondrial dysfunction & that is generally due to nutrient deficiencies. The Citric Acid Cycle used by the mitochondria to metabolize glucose with oxygen needs a lot of nutrients - visual graphic and list in this post:

Niacin may help prevent or treat migraines.

In response Jennifer Depew to her Publication

More nutrient info that might help covid is on my blogsite or more concise webpages with links to more info on and has health info and family/relationships and community, international relations - peace, and environoment is more environmental focused and ocean health.


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