In 1957 There Was Another Pandemic. Don't Worry They Created The VAX Before There Was An Outbreak. CV19 is just a modern feature rich version of this kind of hysteria.

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it seems most ppl in 1918-19 died of bacterial pneumonia through sustained mask wearing & the vaccine itself. the casualties were mostly 20-40yo, the generation who had spent 4 years in mudfilled trenches in all weathers with little nutrition. a strong wind would have blown them away; their minds were filled 100% with horror and death. it seems doubtful any virus actually physically passes from one person to another, rather the seed is planted through fear into a mind which then attempts to replucate symptoms inside the body, triggering the body's ability to form viruses within.

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It is reported that the only people able to assist during the spanish influenza were people that had not received the small pox vaccine

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